More Than Just Tacos…

Mexico Baby!

Going back in time a little bit – I had to write about my trip to Sayulita. After my first season at Sundance, the wranglers decided that we would reward ourselves and take a little vacay. I had never heard of Sayulita before but every day since I have wanted to go back!

Sayulita is little surf town 30 minutes from Puerto Vallarta. We rented a beautiful villa just outside of town and two golf carts for our gang to get around in. After booking a booze cruise to the Islas Marietas, we set out looking for some horses to satisfy our horse withdrawls. We talked to a couple of companies who’s horses looked pretty poorly kept but we eventually stumbled across an old camper van with a sign saying “Trail Rides” and four fat horses tied up in the shade. We were a bit doubtful as the sign was just an old piece of plywood with spray painted writing, but after a beer and some laughs with the owners we set up a ride for all seven of us the next day.

Of course we were packed for the heat of Mexico so almost everyone went in shorts and flip flops, which went against everything that has ever been drilled in to my head. As we arrived, the horses were freshly bathed and eating big buckets of grain with a tiny little handler (see photos). The “company” that we rented the horses from only had four and I refused to ride the slow tiny pony, they had to bring in four more horses and a guide from some friends. We hit the beach right away and no matter how many pushy guests we had to deal with over the last season, that’s exactly what we became. With such a long stretch of beautiful beach in front of us, how were we expected to walk quietly?! We started trotting, then started slowly cantering, and when our guide just laughed and rode along with us, it turned in to a full out race along the water.

After our horses had tired out we waded through a deep creek and then followed a long twisting trail through the jungle until finally we broke out in to a beautiful meadow overlooking the ocean and bluffs. We spent a while goofing around and taking photos before heading back down to the beach. Since our guide had gotten to know us at this point, as we hit the sand he lined us all up (we thought for a photo) and then yelled 1, 2, 3, go! We all raced back down the beach (again, going against everything I’ve ever known). Being me, I was on the fastest horse, “Coyote” and kicked everyone else’s asses!

It was such an incredible ride that we went back multiple times during our three week trip, and they even gave up and stopped giving us a guide. I know I’ll have to go back to Sayulita again soon, just to see how my little Coyote is and see everyone who made our stay so amazing.

Rest/Photo opp at the beach before heading in to the jungle!
The littlest wrangler
The saddles we rode in, suprisingly comfortable!
At the top look out
Wading through the river
Training ride


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