The Best Kind Of Horsepower

My first year at Sundance with the whole gang!
Racing Cloud and Indy along the river flats
Heading out to get the cows on Amigo and Spirit
My favourite girl, Molly, and Samson making a funny face. Photo by Mark Benson Photography

Well here I am, blasting The Stones and writing my very first blog post. I have to start with a place thats very dear to my heart. Sundance Guest Ranch in Ashcroft, British Columbia. For now I get to be on the other side of the show and rave about how amazing my ranch is, but stay tuned for me to tour around the world and check out the competition.

Sundance is more than my job: it’s my home. It’s what my life revolves around. No matter where I go or what horses I ride, nothing will top Sundance. I love each and every one of the horses here like they were my own, and everyone who comes, finds that one special mare or gelding who they love just as much as I do. It really says a lot about a place when guests come back multiple times every year. It brews an excitement for the staff at the beginning of every season to see the guests who they have come to know and love, as well as meet all the new legends who we have yet to meet!

Nestled in the beautiful Thompson Valley (about 4 hours for Vancouver), the view never gets old – even after seeing it every day for the last 4 years! Its not all about the riding here though (well it is for me, lets be honest), we have an outdoor pool, a comfy bar, and miles of hiking trails.

As much as I love riding out with our amazing guests, I spend most of my days here taking care of the herd. With 120 horses it’s more than a full time job! Luckily for me, we have the best vet and farrier around so the horses are in top condition. Not to toot my own horn, but man, they look amazing!

I hope I’ve sold everyone on this perfect place, come for a weekend and meet these amazing horses (and me!).

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